Shamus Coal

Cunning Sneak Rogue, Gnome, Verdant Stalker PP


Shamus Coal was born in an industrial Gnome town. The legand of the town says that Shamus’s family invented or discovered the power of steam, and with that came much prestige. For his schooling he learned much about clockworking and steam technologies, but was always a bit leery of the power behind the boilers and valves and pressure.

His fears became realized when his father began “revolutionizing steam power” as he had put it. Shamus’s father was building a miniature boiler that was capable of outputting three times the power of a boiler 5 times the size. While out searching for his son to call him to supper, he learned that he was at his grandpa’s house, despite Shamus’s warnings – as Shamus opened his fathers door an explosion of steam and shrapnel flung him from the house, leveled a quarter of the town, and burnt Shamus’s right arm terribly. 6 hours after Shamus was flung from his town a wandering caravan of humans picked him up and mistaking him for a halfling, took them with them untill he would wake up, 3 weeks later and several miles away. The Humans told him what happened and he made his way back to his town about 2 months later once he was well enough to travel.

Upon reaching his town, many looked on him as though they were seeing a ghost, and none wanted speak to him to tell him the fate of his family: His father and son were killed in the explosion, though no bodys were identifyable, and his wife had killed herself shortly after the funerals. Shamus, outfitted himself and left the town as quickly as possible.

(Somehow he met the others)

Leeroy knows that Shamus was married, but dosent know his last name. He has seen the scars on his right arm, but hasn’t been able to get Shamus to talk about it. Aumpel knows very little about Shamus at all.

The apparatus that Shamus uses to one-handedly reload his crossbow was his own invention. It functions using a self-winding clockwork mechanism.

Shamus holds some contempt for fellow tinkerer Gnomes: especially those who work with steam power, or any power beyond clockwork.

Shamus Coal

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