Business as usual.


Shamus Coal and company spent most of this time finding out about acquiring a business front to start up their trading company “The Surly Mermaid”. It was a rather uneventful session besides the group witnessing a murder of a gnome take place in the back alleys of Edenbourgh. In the ensuing fight between the murderers and the party one of the murderers pointed at Shamus and screamed “Your kind will pay for what happened at Marlburg!” and then blinded Shamus and tried to escape resulting in Shamus activating his Cape of the Mountebank and firing a blind shot into the escaping murderer to finish it off. In his rage Shamus proceeded to beat upon the corpse of the human.

(5/25/2010) Pregame

The Party starts off in the port city of Edenbourgh with the intent of trying to break into the shipping business. Through a contact of Shamus Coal the party learns of a rather lucrative endeavor on the island of Korthus off of the coast. However the island itself is generally avoided by most people as it has a habit of being occupied by various cut throats, and unsavory characters.

Korthus itself used to be part of a network of coastal beacons used to guide ships of the Old Empire while sailing at night.

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